terça-feira, 19 de abril de 2011

A Gnome on my igloo?!?!

Today I was waddle around when I saw a Gnomwe at my igloo.
I ask to he what he was doing there.
"Sevalbar, if you whant to go to Pandanda again talk to me! I will transport you directly to the Orchard!"
"Well this is great! I will now try to find BetaOmer and adopt a Dragon!"
"That is not needed" he awser  "The dragon you must find is with BetaOmer! You only need to find he! And you know, if you whant to go to pandanda talk wih me!"
Now I know what I must to do! I must find that BetaOmer!

New invencion to recycle in my new igloo!

Today me and my brown puffle Smarty create the Recyclatron 3000!
It works perfectly! It is very cool! and the tubes realy are great to transport the trash to the Recycle Plant!

My new green and friend of the envroiment igloo!

Today me and my puffles work very hard to do a green and friend for envroiment and together, we create a little farm.
Ten we adopt a little fish to put on a little pound, he's name is Goldy!
Then we create a little forest outside to we can play everyone liked very much!
Inside, our igloo is covered of plants! I will take care of all of them (with the help of my puffles, of course)!

This is my new igloo! I hope you enjoy it!

segunda-feira, 11 de abril de 2011

Back to the unknow old (part 2)

..."You have something different from the others!" I said, but she don't awser me, and then she tell me "Come with me! I have to show you a very important thing!", and suddedly I have been teleported to a treehouse, and there I saw a panda in a white bubble...
She don't awser...
..."You have to save yourself!" send Trixie.
"Myself?! He is only a panda with the same name has me!" I send.
"He is you! You alredy been with he!"
Then some memories come to my head:

Then I knowed that someone has saved the panda sevalbar.
"How can I retire myself from this bubble?"
I was alone in that treehouse...
...so I waddle out to find a awser, and I find Questy Bear.

He awser me: "I know what you whant! First you must have a dragon has a pet! Next you must find BetaOmer! He will help you! But you can't do something has a penguin!"
And then he tranformed myself into the sevalbar (panda) of my memories!

Fantastic! Im a...
Now its time to get a dragon has a pet!

                               To be continue............

domingo, 10 de abril de 2011

Check this out!

Try to don't fall of the chair:

Back to the unknow old (part 1)

It was a normal day and I was cleaning my igloo.
When I finished I planed go to box dimension waddle a little bit...

And I suddedly have teleport myself to a unknow world!
 I was sorrownded by a invisivel bubble on the middle of a florest with a kind of...

I tried to ask to someone where I was but two of the pandas run away and one was slepping!

The I decide to find by myself the way to go home...but where should I go?

After this I found a lake with very much pandas and one panda riding a dragon!

I sudedly follow the dragon...

...but it run away...
...and I follow it!

But the I go to a farm!
And I found a weird thing! A moderator (Gemmza) riding a dragon!

She only said that her name is Gemmza, and to I catch a bunny!
And I tried to catch one...

..but when I was ready to catch one of theses, I have been teleported to a girl that was riding a dragon to...
"You have something different from the others!" I said, but she don't awser me, and then she tell me "Come with me! I have to show you a very important thing!"

                                                                                To be continue.............